A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Jayawardene believes switching from Tests to T20s is not difficult at all

Jayawardene thinks it was harder to switch between different formats in the past

Sri Lanka Captain Mahela Jayawardene, believes that switching from Test cricket to the Twenty20 International format is not as difficult as it was in the past.

Jayawardene, who is the Vice-Captain of the Delhi Daredevils, joined the team on Sunday, along with England batsman, Kevin Pietersen, to play in the IPL, after the two nations faced off in a gruelling and compelling Test series.

“As for coming and playing IPL after playing Test cricket doesn’t make a difference as these days we keep changing from one format to another very quickly,” Jayawardene said.

Jayawardene is expected to play his first game for the Daredevils against the IPL defending champions, the Chennai Super Kings.

However, Jayawardene, also knows that he will need to shift his focus to the shorter format of the game after playing an ODI and Test series recently.

“Two months ago, I was playing ODIs and two weeks ago, I was then into Test cricket, so we have to learn to adjust from one form to another. It’s all in the mind how we re-focus ourselves to do a different job,” he said.

Speaking about playing with Pietersen, Jayawardene said that during their Test series, they did not talk that much, however, now, they have been in communication with each other to discuss how they will be able to play a vital role in leading the Daredevils to their first IPL championship.

“We did not have too much discussions as we were playing the Test series but we had a good chat while coming here as we were on the same flight,” he said.

Jayawardene, is also looking forward to taking up the challenge to being the Vice-Captain of an IPL franchise, and is hoping he can substantially contribute to help the team win their upcoming matches.

“I know I have missed a couple of games but nothing changes with me being the vice captain. The guys have had two good games. First one was a really good game away from home. I am looking forward to the remaining matches. We got some exciting players in the squad, couple of good signings. And for me to be first time part of Daredevils, I am really excited,” he said.

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