A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: What’s the deal with Richardson’s trademark sunhat?

The maroon-coloured hat became Richardson’s trademark

Former West Indian batting legend, Richie Richardson, has announced that he always chose to wear his modified tailor-made sunhat over a batting helmet, because of its practicality.

Richardson, who is the team manager of the current West Indies team, played during the days when batting helmets started to become omnipresent, but, still chose to wear his sunhat.

The Sydney Morning Herald, quoted Richardson as saying: “As a youngster growing up, we didn’t have access to helmets. So, I never really got used to helmets.”

Since Richardson did not use a helmet since he was a youngster, he stated that he never felt comfortable in one when he did try it on.

“Even when I tried to use it, I was very, very uncomfortable. I felt comfortable without it. When I wore a helmet, I felt like I was in a phone booth. I didn’t feel comfortable. So, I thought ‘let me take my chances’,” he said.

Richardson first wore his tailor-made sunhat in the 1980s when playing against India, and since then, it became his good luck charm.

“It was an ODI tournament and nobody wore them, nobody liked them. An idea came to me, maybe I could start something different,” he said.

The maroon coloured floppy hats, were never very popular with other cricketers, but, Richardson decided to keep on wearing it.

“I’m not sure if it was the first time we wore coloured gear, but it was the first time seeing a maroon-coloured floppy hat. It didn’t look good. Everybody just chucked them away. I kept one, and decided I was going to try something,” he added.

After wearing it for a while, Richardson, went to a manufacturer in Pakistan and made the changes he wanted, starting with a wider brim and a deeper cup, so that the hat would stay on his head.

“It worked well, it just so happened that I was doing well at the time, I was at the peak of my career and a lot of people thought it was the hat that was doing the magic. “I started wearing it in Test matches and nobody objected and it became a story,” he said.

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