A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Shoaib Malik believes Pakistan is ready to host international matches once again

Malik is confident that Pakistan are ready to host international matches again


Former Pakistan Captain, Shoaib Malik, reckons that the country is ready to play host to international matches once again.

Pakistan, have not seen any cricket held within its borders, since gunmen attacked the Sri Lanka team in March 2009, which led to the deaths of eight people and left several of the team members injured.

The Daily Times, quoted Malik as saying: “We have been playing on foreign venues, which not only deprives the fans but also young players who want to improve their skills in the game, they can’t do that when they don’t see their stars play before them.”

Malik, also mentioned that the fans in the country have become more disciplined, and it was time that they were given a second chance.

“The discipline shown by the fans prove that we deserve international cricket and the successful event with immaculate security proves that we can host international cricket,” he said.

After a three-year break from hosting any international matches, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), have invited Bangladesh for an ODI series later in the month.

However, there has been no response from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), over whether they will accept the offer from the PCB.

PCB board member and another former Pakistan Captain, Javed Miandad, stated that the people were hungry for cricket to come back into the country.

“This event sends a big message to the world. We don’t have to say anything, 22,000 people on Sunday night demanded the return of international cricket in Pakistan and we can host that in near future,” Miandad said.

The cricketing community will be keeping a close eye on whether Bangladesh agree to tour Pakistan, and allow them to host an international tour three years after the shocking attack on the Sri Lanka team.

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