A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Bangladesh appeal rejected by ACC

Huq said that both the ACC and ICC had rejected the appeal


The Asian Cricket Council (ACC), announced that Bangladesh’s appeal about Pakistan bowler Aizaz Cheema blocking batsman Mohammad Mahmudullah in the Asia Cup final, has been rejected.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), had appealed in hope of gaining a five run penalty, which would have handed the Asia Cup to Bangladesh.

However, an official from the ACC, stated that the appeal had been rejected, since it was not reported by the umpires during the match, which Pakistan narrowly won by two runs.

Speaking exclusively to the AFP, chief executive of the ACC, Ashraful Huq, said: “We had received Bangladesh’s complaint but since the incident was not reported by the on-field umpires nothing can be done.”

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), have expressed their anger and disappointment at the BCB for appealing the result of the final, calling it an “after-thought”.

Huq, also added that the International Cricket Council (ICC), who also received a copy of the appeal, had rejected the claims. “It could have happened then and there, in the final but since umpires and match-referee did not take any action then, so the matter is closed” he said.

Huq, however, did complement the Bangladesh side for getting so far in the tournament, and thought that they should be proud of themselves. “I think the Bangladesh team played so well in the whole tournament, beating India and Sri Lanka — World Cup 2011 finalists — was no mean achievement and although they lost the final, the Bangladesh team won millions of hearts” he said.

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