A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Bangladesh too late to appeal, says PCB chief operating officer

Ahmed does not understand why Bangladesh have taken so long to appeal


Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) chief operating officer, Subhan Ahmed, has stated that Bangladesh are too late to appeal the result of the Asia Cup final.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC), were asked by a senior official from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), to review an incident that occurred in the final over of the match, which, according to the BCB cost them the victory.

Ahmed, speaking exclusively to Reuters, said: “We are a bit surprised by this late reaction from the Bangladesh board because we believe if something was wrong the match officials would have taken action on the spot.”

The incident under investigation is that of Aizaz Cheema, the Pakistan bowler who bowled the final over, blocking the path of batsman Mohammad Mahmudullah.

The BCB have demanded that if the ACC decide to go through with their appeal, they also want a five-run penalty to be imposed, which will effectively hand the match to Bangladesh.

Ahmed also said that the PCB were still waiting for a response from the BCB, who follows the decisions made by the government, as to why their appeal has gone through so late.

However, even though the BCB have accused Pakistan of cheating, Ahmed noted that there would be no hard feelings between the two boards. “What we fail to understand is why there is this late reaction from the Bangladesh board. But even if they appeal I don’t think it will affect relations between the two boards” he said.

Pakistan, who have not hosted any tours since gunmen opened fire on the Sri Lanka cricket squad in 2009, are inviting Bangladesh to play three ODIs next month.

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