Iain O’Brien claims to have seen ‘dodgy’ cricket incidents

Iain O'Brien claims to have seen 'dodgy' cricket incidents

Iain O’Brien noticed some suspicious cricket activity in India, England and Australia

Former New Zealand pace bowler Iain O’Brien has admitted that he noticed some suspicious cricket activity in India, England and Australia.

O’Brien, who recently watched live telecasts of Australia’s Big Bash Twenty20 International tournament, claimed that he noticed some activity during the matches. However, he also noticed these eyebrow-raising events in the English county leagues as well and thought that they were worthy of further investigation.

Stuff.co.nz quoted O’Brien saying: “I’ve seen some stuff that I don’t necessarily agree with, a bit unexplainable. Everywhere. I’ve seen plenty in India, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes a couple of times in games that I’ve commentated on in the UK, stuff that just doesn’t make sense, with guys with possible history in it. But that’s all I can say. It’s all hearsay, and that’s the most dangerous.”

He also noted that it would be extremely naive for the cricketing community to think that bookmakers have not tried to lull some New Zealand players into match-fixing.

O’Brien stated that he had never been approached by any bookmakers, but, when asked whether he suspected any of his teammates for being involved in the illegal trade, he said: “I don’t know of anyone but I’m sure there has been. There has to be. You’re naive to think they haven’t been.”

These accusations come just a few days after a Vicky Seth, a Delhi-based bookie claimed that the India-Pakistan World Cup semi-final match was rigged, according to the Sunday Times.

Seth is also reported to have said that he had connections with some New Zealand players.

The ICC are currently deciding whether to look into these accusations or dismiss them as dishonest evidence.

Whatever the case, it seems as if more players are concerned and suspicious about the growing problem of cricketers being tempted to match-fix because of the huge profits to be made from the ever increasing trend.

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