Was the India vs Pakistan World Cup semi-final match fixed?

Was the India vs Pakistan World Cup semi-final match fixed?

It has been claimed that the World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan was fixed

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Fresh allegations of match-fixing have hit the cricketing world, with a Delhi-based bookie claiming that last year’s India-Pakistan World Cup semi-final clash was rigged.

The man, identified as Vicky Seth, is known to be one of Delhi’s most influential bookies and revealed the information to an anonymous Sunday Times reporter while drinking.

The same reporter, in 2010, exposed allegations of three Pakistani cricketers, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif, to be involved in match-fixing. In November 2011, the trio were found guilty and were all sentenced to serve time in jail.

The semi-final match, which was played on the 30th of March, saw India victorious, but, many people noted the amount of catches dropped by the Pakistan team and it quickly became the talking point of the match.

Seth, was also quoted as saying that a Bollywood actress, whose identity is unknown, was used as a honey trap to tempt a lot of cricketers, especially in the domestic leagues, into corruption.

Colin Gibson, the head of media and communications at the ICC, issued a statement, saying: “”We don’t comment on ICC’s anti-corruption and security unit matters.”

Another statement, issued by the ICC anti-corruption and security unit’s chief investigator at the time Ravi Sawani, stated that the ICC were not going to be investigating the India-Pakistan match due to no suspicious behavior being detected.

However, the Delhi bookie told the Sunday Times that county cricket is starting to become a growing market for match-fixing because it involves “low-profile matches and nobody monitors them. That’s why good money can be made there without any hassle.”

Seth, was also quoted saying that match-fixing would always be present in cricket. “There is just so much money involved and it’s easy to do as long as people don’t talk” he said.

He also claimed that there is “big money” to be made in test matches and the upcoming Indian Premier League.

The ICC are preparing to launch an inquiry into these serious allegations and will punish those found guilty to the full extent of the law.

An ICC spokesperson noted that the market for betting on matches was vastly increasing, and said: “Betting on cricket in the legal and illegal markets continues to grow rapidly and, with many, many millions of dollars being bet on every match, the threat of corrupters seeking to influence the game has not gone away.”

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