Braidwood Cup Series Day 2

Rain had the final say on the second day

Rain had the final say on the second day

Another day, another washout. That was the news that greeted players and spectators on the second day of the Braidwood Cup series between Hong Kong and Scotland.

With the first day having been abandoned largely due to a wet outfield, the same theme carried on for most of the morning of the second day. However, just when things seemed as if they couldn’t get worse, the heavens parted and washed away any hope of seeing the two Associate nations clash with one another.

Once again, the players had to find ways to entertain themselves while waiting for the umpires and match officials to make their decision. Both teams went to different ends of the ground and decided to get warmed up with a game of football. Despite the rain falling, Hong Kong and Scotland carried on playing until the second day was officially called off.

The toss has still yet to take place, but the chances of it occurring tomorrow are slim as the forecast is still looking rather grim.