What advice has Asif given Abbas?

Mohammad Asif advice Mohammad Abbas Pakistan cricket

Mohammad Asif: “He is a good learner and is always asking me for advice on improvements to his bowling”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Asif has pointed out that fellow seamer Mohammad Abbas needs to stop solely relying on inswing as his main weapon when bowling.

Abbas has enjoyed a magnificent start to his Test career as he has taken 59 wickets in 10 matches at an average of 15.64.

Recently, Abbas admitted that Asif was one of his role models.

In response, Asif was quoted by Sky Sports as saying: “I was a little taken aback but felt honoured when Abbas mentioned me as an influence on his bowling when he could have easily mentioned the likes of the legendary Wasim Akram.

“What I am really pleased with, though, is the fact that Abbas has been taking my advice ever since the days he played alongside me in first-class cricket for Khan Research Laboratories.

“I am happy that he continues to be a hard-working bowler and is also making good use of what he learnt from me and taken on board the advice I gave him.”

Asif also insisted that he will continue giving advice to Abbas as he believes the 28-year-old can continue to develop his game and become an even better bowler.

“There is no doubt that Abbas did well in the UAE where he bowled wicket-to-wicket and did not give time to the batsmen to adjust. This was probably the reason they could not play him that well,” he said. “However, at the moment, he is relying mainly on inswing and he will need to also add outswing into his arsenal as I did not see much evidence of that in the Test series against Australia.

“But he is a good learner and is always asking me for advice on improvements to his bowling and I will be speaking to him again soon about what else he can do to become an even better bowler.

“This is important because if you aren’t a quick learner then you can find yourself out of the national side very quickly if you don’t have the ability to adjust to different conditions.”

Asif also admitted that there is a real possibility Abbas could break into the ODI squad in the near future.

“Right now he has had a few good series but what I would really like him to do is to repeat similar performances against New Zealand and South Africa and inclusion in Pakistan’s ODI team would also be a good idea,” he said. “He cannot rest on his laurels and he needs to constantly work on increasing his skill levels to remain at the top.

“If he does wish to be considered for all three formats of the game, then his fitness levels need to be top notch. I would love to work with him to improve his skills and especially on improving his outswing.”