Abbas reveals what he will never be ashamed of

Mohammad Abbas not ashamed of his past Pakistan cricket

Mohammad Abbas: “I’m not ashamed that I worked as a welder before my cricketing days”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan pace bowler Mohammad Abbas has made it abundantly clear that he will never be ashamed of his past and what he used to do for a living before becoming a cricketer.

Abbas has enjoyed a sublime start to this Test career, where he has taken 59 wickets in just 10 games at an incredible average of 15.64.

In Pakistan’s most recent Test series against Australia, Abbas was the highest wicket-taker with 17 wickets at an average of 10.58.

Prior to becoming a cricketer, Abbas used to work as a welder and in a leather factory. After that, he was an “office boy” in a court.

“I’m not ashamed that I worked as a welder before my cricketing days,” he was quoted as saying by “I want to continue performing like this and give my 100 percent whenever I step onto the field.”

Abbas spoke about the life he lived before becoming a cricketer earlier this year, and told The Telegraph: “My life before cricket was very challenging but those struggles helped me in cricket because when I came into the sport I had become mature enough to deal with the problems.

“After the welding and leather factory, I was an office boy in a court, registering documents for cases related to property.”

Abbas also shared a particularly memorable incident on how he was picked to play district under-19 cricket.

“When I was working at the court, I got selected for district under-19 cricket. They asked me to choose between [my] job or cricket,” he said. “I cannot forget that night. But a friend, who was a lawyer too, made a case of doing both things together.

“The team had to choose between me and the secretary’s son, and the decision was made through a toss. It went in my favour and I got five wickets. After that I got into the region’s academy and there was no stopping [me] after that.”

When asked about his role models in cricket, Abbas was quick to identify Pakistan seamer Mohammad Asif, along with Glenn McGrath, Shaun Pollock and James Anderson.

“I played Grade II cricket for two years with [Mohammad] Asif – we used to discuss things a lot, about how to bowl and where to bowl,” Abbas said. “I feel like I learnt bowling from him. People like him, Glenn McGrath, Shaun Pollock, James Anderson — they are my ideal bowlers. I like their lines and lengths.”