Kirsten reveals why he thinks Kohli is so successful

Gary Kirsten Virat Kohli constantly looking to improve and learn Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB Indian Premier League IPL India cricket

Gary Kirsten: “I enjoy working with him because he wants to learn about his game and all great players do that”

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Former India and South Africa head coach Gary Kirsten believes that Indian skipper Virat Kohli has tasted a lot of success in his cricketing career since he is eager to learn and is constantly looking to improve.

Kirsten is working with the Royal Challengers Bangalore as an assistant coach in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

With Kohli captaining the franchise, Kirsten revealed that he has had the opportunity to see why the 29-year-old is arguably the best player in the sport today.

“Kohli is a great player. He continues to improve and get better. I enjoy working with him because he wants to learn about his game and all great players do that,” he was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

With India touring England later on this year, Kirsten admitted that the series will be a highly entertaining one.

“India-England series will be a competitive series, it will be a good series. It will be great fun watching the battle between two great sides,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kirsten admitted that the younger generation are attracted to Twenty20 cricket. Despite this, he still believes Test cricket will continue to exist, but admitted that he is concerned about the dwindling crowds, especially outside Australia and England.

“I enjoy T20 cricket. It really appeals to the younger generation. It’s very entertaining, my kids enjoy watching T20 cricket more than anything else,” he said. “Test cricket will always gonna be there. It’s the purest form of the game, people who have grown with Test cricket will always love it. But the only concern I have with Test cricket is outside of England and Australia, the crowds are waning.”

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