Manohar: Decision to resign had nothing to do with BCCI

“It has nothing to do with the ICC functioning or these issues which are going to come up”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Shahank Manohar stepped down as chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday, but he revealed that his decision to do so had nothing to do with the difference in opinions he and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may have had.

On Tuesday, Manohar was in Mumbai and met with the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA), which is currently managing the BCCI, and informed them of his decision to step down.

“It has nothing to do with the ICC functioning or these issues which are going to come up,” he told ESPNcricinfo from Nagpur.

Manohar also reiterated that personal reasons was the reason why he resigned and added that he isn’t having any second thoughts about his decision.

“Personal reason means genuinely personal. And I don’t lie,” he said.

Upon taking over as BCCI president in November 2015, Manohar immediately became the ICC’s chairman and he made it known that he was not a fan of the Big Three model, where India, Australia and England would have a say in most of the decisions the ICC made and also gain a majority of the revenue from the governing body.

After stepping down as BCCI president on May 10, 2016 as a result of recommendations made by the Lodha Committee, Manohar was elected unopposed as the ICC’s first independent chairman two days later.

But, with his two-year term only lasting eight months, the ICC now have to find a replacement for Manohar, which is likely to take place at their next round of meetings in April.

The BCCI, via a statement, also expressed their surprise at Manohar’s decision to step down, saying: “Mr. Manohar’s contribution to Indian cricket is invaluable. He is a man of few words but excellent deeds. The BCCI Committee of Administrators (CoA) was looking forward to a long-term cooperation between the ICC and BCCI with Mr. Manohar at the helm of affairs.”

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