England need to part ways with Moores – Botham

"You have to look at the coaching. Otherwise, where do England go from here?"

“You have to look at the coaching. Otherwise, where do England go from here?”

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Legendary England all-rounder Sir Ian Botham has announced that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have to part ways with head coach Peter Moores.

Botham’s comments come after England failed to make the quarter-finals during their disastrous World Cup campaign.

“I think you’ve got to change things,” he said. “You have to look at the coaching. Otherwise, where do England go from here?

“They’ve got to move on I think, join the rest of the world. They need to stop saying ‘we haven’t done much wrong’ or ‘we’re not far off’. They’re miles away at the moment.

“Look at the way the rest play. We’re not at the races. They’re still playing as the game was played 20 years ago.

“They think if they get to 280, they’ve got a good score. That’s not even par for the course over here. You have to be dynamic.”

Botham also believes that captain Eoin Morgan has to be held responsible for the national team’s shoddy performance throughout the World Cup.

“You’ve given Eoin Morgan the job as captain – give him the 10 best one-day players to take out there with him. I don’t think he’s had that,” Botham said. “I think the selection policy is wrong and perhaps you need some younger people on that selection panel.

“People who know a bit more about the modern one-day game. Someone like, say, Paul Collingwood, who I think would be an asset.

“England got it wrong. I just don’t think they were up to it and they never looked like going through to be honest.

“I don’t think we’ve had some of our best players out here, people like Ben Stokes, who would add another dimension.

“You’ve got people travelling over from the UK – it’s a long way to come – and to be treated with that kind of performance. They were never in the running, and that’s the scary part.

“Losing – everyone can lose, but you’ve got to be in there contending and I don’t think England contended at any stage.

“There needs to be change. It’s just not good enough to be honest. They need to address it.”

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