A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Ata-ur-Rehman considering suing Sarfraz Nawaz for destroying his reputation

Nawaz’s actions have disgusted ur-Rehman

Former Pakistan pace bowler Ata-ur-Rehman has announced that he is considering to sue Sarfraz Nawaz for ruining his reputation and leaving his cricketing career in tatters.

Ur-Rehman was the main suspect in a judicial inquiry into a match-fixing scandal 12 years ago.

The former pacer also lashed out at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for promoting players who have been accused and convicted of match-fixing in the past.

Ur-Rehman’s accusations come just after the PCB decided to reinstate umpireĀ Akram Raza, who also used to be a leg-spinner in the national team, after he was cleared of all match-fixing charges.

“I was never convicted or banned for match-fixing. The Justice Qayyum tribunal recommended a life ban on me for allegedly committing perjury. And after that I fought my case in court got clearance and cleared my name at every level. So how can he make these accusations,” ur-Rehman said.

Ur-Rehman believes Nawaz damaged the reputation of numerous Pakistani cricketers by accusing them of being corrupt, and added that the most compelling fact was that he had not stopped to think about the amount of trouble he was causing.

“Today I am even cleared by the ICC and there is no ban on me. I sought a job from the PCB because of financial problems. And when I got a job he (Sarfaraz) is trying to destroying my coaching career,” ur-Rehman added.

The former pace bowler believes he has the credentials to be a successful coach and hopes that the PCB will consider hiring him.

“And I am looking forward to this new task from the PCB as there is lot of untapped talent in the FATA areas,” ur-Rehman said.

Ur-Rehman is sick and tired of Nawaz constantly accusing everyone of being corrupt, and noted that if this did not stop soon, he would be taking legal action against Nawaz in the near future.

“But as soon he is not employed with them he starts finding faults with everyone and stoops low. If he continues to persist making accusations I will face him in court,” ur-Rehman added.

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