A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: I am struggling to ‘reinvent’ my batting technique, says Ricky Ponting

Ponting knows that he cannot keep playing all of his shots off the front foot

Veteran Australia batsman Ricky Ponting has revealed that he is struggling to ‘reinvent’ his batting technique ahead of the Test series against South Africa.

Ponting noted that he was not playing off the back foot enough, and added that if he failed to correct it before the start of the series, it could be seen as a weak point by the South Africans.

News.com.au quoted Ponting as saying: “I have to start playing better off the back foot again. With my technique getting where it was, I was just getting on the front foot too much and not being able to play off the back foot as freely as I used to, for me, this Shield season, I started getting back onto the back foot an pulling and hooking as well as I ever have, so that’s what I had to do.”

However, Ponting noted that he was in great form and believes his focus has really come a long way from where it was during his last Test match against the West Indies in April.

“I know that Steyn and Morkel will try and drag me across the crease and hit my pads and my back wickets, so I know what training and preparation I’ll have to do through the off-season and the first part of the Shield season to try and get around that. I feel like my balance is really good and I’m seeing the ball really well and for me they’re usually good signs,” Ponting added.

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