A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Damien Wright believes Dukes balls will not suit conditions in Australia

Wright has recommended Australia to stick with using the Kookaburra ball

Victoria Bushrangers’ head coach Damien Wright has announced that Cricket Australia’s decision to use Dukes balls in order to train their batsmen for the back-to-back Ashes series against arch-rivals England next year will not work since the ball is not suited for the conditions in Australia.

Despite Cricket Australia saying that it will give the batsmen a taste of what to expect in the Ashes series, Wright believes otherwise, and stated that he is unconvinced about the results it will have.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Wright as saying: “I probably wouldn’t use them in Shield cricket, I wouldn’t tamper too much with changing the Kookaburra ball that is traditional for us, it [the Dukes] is a really good ball for England where the wickets are a bit softer and it’s not as abrasive, so you can actually brush the ball up and get it swinging for the majority of the day over there, here, I’m not sure it would stay good enough for the 80 overs. It might be OK somewhere like the Gabba but here [in Melbourne], Adelaide, I’m not too sure.”

Wright, who recently stepped down as New Zealand’s bowling coach, noted that the ball also did not stay new for very long on hard surfaces, which Australian pitches are famous for having.

“We [New Zealand] toured the West Indies not long ago and their wickets are really dry and quite hard and abrasive. The ball didn’t stay very new for very long. It made it very hard to get it back up to being decent to bowl with,” Wright added.

Wright stated that Australia were better off sticking with the Kookaburra ball since it keeps its shape on the hard surfaces and has also proven to be extremely effective in the conditions as well.

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