A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Abdul Razzaq still likely to be punished despite apology

Razzaq is still set to be punished for his actions

According to a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official, all-rounder Abdul Razzaq is still likely to be punished for his outburst against Twenty20 captain Mohammad Hafeez despite issuing an apology for his comments.

The Express Tribune quoted the official as saying: “Apology doesn’t guarantee him escaping punishment. His outburst is a serious offence which came at a time when the team suffered a setback and was down due to the semi-final loss. However, the punishment gets reduced in such cases and he may get away with a fine.”

Razzaq lashed out at Hafeez after he was not picked for Pakistan’s semi-final clash against Sri Lanka in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Twenty20.

Razzaq stated that Hafeez should have taken the courage to admit that he was responsible for the selection process instead of blaming it on the team management.

The all-rounder soon received a show cause notice from the PCB since he spoke to the media without authorisation from the board, and even though he is not a centrally contracted person, Razzaq is still liable to be punished for breaching the code of conduct.

Following a meeting with his legal advisers, Razzaq issued a statement, which said: “I did not want to create any controversy. My remarks came out of frustration on being dropped which was natural. I don’t have any personal issues with Hafeez. In fact he is a good friend and I will be careful in the future and will not give anyone a chance to complain.”

Following this incident, the PCB have sent reminders to all their players stating that they are never allowed to talk to the press without getting confirmation from a board member.

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