Many batsmen today still do not have an answer on how to play Younis’ bowling

Being able to bowl yorkers and get the ball to reverse swing almost at will, Pakistan speed demon Waqar Younis struck fear in the hearts of many batsmen throughout his 15-year international career.

Taking 373 Test wickets at an average of 23.56 and 416 ODI wickets at an average of 23.84, there is no doubt that Waqar Younis was one of the greatest pace bowlers Pakistan ever produced.

I had the privilege of interviewing the lightening quick bowling legend himself, and his answers proved to be rather intriguing and filled with humour.

Bimal Mirwani: What was the secret behind your reverse swinging yorkers that bamboozled many of the world’s greatest batsmen?

Waqar Younis: Wasim and I have worked hard on this. and we both don’t want to tell the secret.

Bimal Mirwani: Your bowling partnership with Wasim Akram has been rated as one of the most lethal, how would you respond to this claim?

Waqar Younis: I feel proud of it, it was always a pleasure to bowl along him.

Younis and Akram were Pakistan’s feared pace duo for many years

Bimal Mirwani: What would be your top tip for bowling yorkers and getting the ball to reverse swing?

Waqar Younis: Practice makes a man perfect, practice hard and believe in yourself.

Bimal Mirwani: During your career, which batsman was the hardest to bowl at and why?

Waqar Younis: It was [Shivnarine] Chanderpaul because of his unorthodox batting technique and footwork, you just cant predict him while you are running to bowl.

Chanderpaul’s batting stance always confused Younis

Bimal Mirwani: What would you consider to be the crowning achievement of your international career?

Waqar Younis: Well there would be one if i had got selected for 1992 WC [World Cup].

Bimal Mirwani: What was your favourite ground to play at and why?

Waqar Younis: Southend Cricket club at karachi, because of the refreshments and sea breeze there.

Younis loves playing cricket at this ground

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think that Mohammad Aamir deserves a second chance to represent Pakistan?

Waqar Younis: Why only Aamir? Why not Salman [Butt] and [Mohammad] Asif, each criminal should be treated equally.

Bimal Mirwani: Who are the players to watch out for during the World Twenty20?

Waqar Younis: I am looking forward to [Imran] Nazir, [Chris] Gayle and [Glenn] Maxwell.

Bimal Mirwani: Do you think the IPL has done more harm than good for the sport?

Waqar Younis: IPL is a private league organized by BCCI, it shouldnt be given any importance, so far it has helped India to produce quality.

Bimal Mirwani: What are your thoughts on the increasing number of two Test match series and what impact will it have for the longer format?

Waqar Younis: Its not good for the game. Cricket is nothing without Tests. I hope ICC will realise this soon and will quit chasing money.

Younis is extremely concerned about the future of Test cricket

Bimal Mirwani: Do you like the use of the DRS system in cricket nowadays and why?

Waqar Younis: Not every umpire is Aleem Dar. With the increasing number of bias [in] umpiring it is okay to use it.

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