A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Gautam Gambhir believes nothing other than winning matters

Gambhir’s century helped India beat Sri Lanka by five wickets in the third ODI at Colombo

India opening batsman Gautam Gambhir has announced that he believes winning should be the only thing that concerns the national team and nothing else.

In the third ODI against Sri Lanka, Gambhir was not named the Man of the Match for his century, as the award went to Suresh Raina instead for his quick-fire 65 runs off 45 balls.

However, Gambhir stated that awards don’t really mean much to him, since winning is the greatest feeling of all.

“I have never believed in hundreds and awards, to me, it’s more important to contribute to the team in a winning cause. In India, there is a lot of emphasis on hundreds and five-wicket hauls, but there is no point of an individual milestone if the team ends up on the losing side. Suresh’s position is such that whether we are batting first or batting second, he has to come and start to look to accelerate the scoring. That’s the nature of his position and that’s why he is picked in the side. He was brilliant but everyone has a different job to do in the side, whether it is opening the batting or finishing off a chase. Whatever your role is, you need to do it to the best of your abilities because that’s what the team needs of you,” Gambhir said.

Speaking to reporters after winning the third ODI, Gambhir noted that India would have the upper hand for the rest of the series.

“I have always maintained that the third game of a five-match series, especially if it is level 1-1, is very crucial, now that we have gone 2-1 ahead, all the pressure will be on Sri Lanka. They have to win both the remaining games if they want to win the series, while one win will do for us. But that won’t be our focus. If we can continue this momentum and wrap up the series in the next game itself, it will be brilliant,” Gambhir added at the press conference after the completion of the third ODI.

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