A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Clarke may sign with Pune Warriors towards the end of the IPL

Clarke may become the latest international cricketer to join the IPL


The Pune Warrior’s coach and Captain Sourav Ganguly claims that Australian skipper Michael Clarke may sign with the side towards the final month of the IPL.

Clarke, who in the past has preferred to play for his country over the ever popular IPL, may indeed join Pune, who are looking to strengthen their side before the start of the tournament on the 4th of April.

According to an Indian newspaper that spoke to Ganguly, he said: “We’re on the verge of signing Clarke… However, he will be available from May.”

Clarke will only available from May due to Australia’s Caribbean tour starting tomorrow.

According to Ganguly, Clarke is negotiating terms for a one month contract with the franchise, which will see him join the team on the 1st of May.

Since the IPL starts right in the middle of Australia’s Caribbean tour, Clarke will only be available to play in the final eight games for the team.

Many critics, however, see the IPL as the day cricket sold its soul, and as a way for international cricketers to make easy money. If Clarke were to enter the frame, many other cricketers, much to the dismay of these critics, may be convinced to join the tournament, and soon put it in front of representing their country.

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